Fireworks Spectacular | 火树银花,绚丽国际烟火秀

If you love fireworks, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on this year’s Fireworks Spectacular, where we bring in award-winning fireworks artists from across the globe to light up our night sky in FOUR very distinct and jaw-dropping ways! Watch as they create the ultimate fireworks experience for you with the perfect blend of pyrotechnic art, colours, lights and sounds.

Dazzling Lanterns | 工艺彩灯及灯饰

These breath-taking larger-than-life lanterns depicting familiar Chinese mythological figures not only offer the perfect photo opportunity for you and your family, they also tell intriguing stories about legends and myths about our Chinese culture.

The Chinese zodiac lanterns have been the locals’ favorite since their first introduction; comprising of 12 zodiac animals known to foretell fortune, life and luck for many believers. Are you ready to find out what’s in store for you?


Bicentennial Exhibition | 新加坡纪念开埠200周年展览会

This year’s Bicentennial Exhibition will take you 200 years back in time to the day Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot on this land. You will re-live the most significant moments for Singapore with our forefathers and thread through each milestone that led to the success of Singapore and her people with fascinating details and illustrations.


Exciting Carnival | 老少同欢嘉年华

Chinese New Year (CNY) is all about get-together fun for the family. Hop on to over 20 thrilling rides and games  for a night of fun and entertainment. We are not forgetting the customary feast that we are all “entitled” to during this time of year. Just say yes to guilty pleasures for now and indulge in more than 40 different selections of comfort food that is bound to satisfy the glutton in you!