These breath-taking larger-than-life lanterns depicting familiar Chinese mythological figures not only offer the perfect photo opportunity for you and your family, they also tell intriguing stories about Chinese cultural legends and myths.


Main Entrance Arch


Welcome to River Hongbao 2019! It is a Chinese tradition to welcome the Lunar New Year with dragon and lion dances. As this year marks the Bicentennial Commemoration of Singapore, you are greeted by a majestic dragon forming the shape of “200” as a grand arch, complemented by a jubilant lion with joyful lion dancers. The phrase “盛世迎春” denotes the celebrating of Spring’s arrival while living in a period of prosperity. We hope you and your family enjoy your visit at River Hongbao 2019!

欢迎您莅临春到河畔2019!众所周知,舞龙舞狮迎新年一向是华族的传统。 正值新加坡欢庆开埠200周年,映入眼帘的是巨龙形成“200”的壮观拱门,其中还可见一头威武的狮子和一群醒狮团的成员。 盛世迎春、万象更新,也希望春到河畔2019能够让您与家人尽兴而归!

Entrance Walkway


Your journey in River Hongbao 2019 starts with an entrance spanning 30m comprising rows of archways. The design is a creative mix of traditional motifs and modern elements with a Singaporean touch. The arches are in classic Chinese forms decorated with auspicious characters, hanging lanterns and bird cages. The finishing colours are inspired by the bright hues of Peranakan art and the arch plinths are ornamented with wall tile designs found in local heritage shophouses. As you enjoy this celebratory atmosphere and the rest of the festive displays, remember to take a photo with your loved ones and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

春到河畔2019之旅,从一排排长达30米的拱门开始。拱门的设计,结合了传统的图案和现代的元素,其中也融入了新加坡的特色。 典型的拱门,饰有吉祥字、悬挂的灯笼和鸟笼。 颜色的灵感,来自土生华人艺术中所采用的明亮色调,而拱门的柱脚,则运用了本地传统店屋的墙砖设计。 在观赏灯饰,沉浸在佳节欢腾的氛围时,千万别忘了与家人朋友合影留念,并标记我们@RiverHongbao,标签#RiverHongbao2019。

Bicentennial Dragon Game


Come and try this interactive game specially designed to tie in with Singapore’s Bicentennial Commemoration. Based on the buzz wire game, this set-piece consists of 2 dragons each shaped like the figure “200”. Game Rules: 1. Two participants compete by guiding a round loop (the “pearl”) with a steady hand through the wire maze along the shape of the dragon’s body, without touching the loop against the metal maze (the “dragon”) 2. If the loop touches the wire, the alarm will sound and the player must restart. 3. The winner is the player who completes the maze in the quickest time, or travels the longest distance within a fixed time. Game Tip: Try to strike a good balance between speed and keeping a steady hand in order to win.

快来试试这款专门为新加坡开埠200周年而设计的互动性游戏。 有别于一般电流急急棒游戏,这款游戏是由两条龙形成“200”所组成的。 游戏规则: 1.两位参赛者,各自引导圆环(“龙珠”),沿着龙身的形状穿行铁丝迷宫,并保持手稳,千万别将圆环触碰铁丝迷宫(“龙身”)。 2.如果圆环触碰铁丝,游戏将会发出声响,参赛者就必须从头开始。 3.在最短的时间内完成迷宫,或是在固定时间内完成最远距离的,将会是优胜者。 游戏贴士: 在速度与保持手稳之间取得平衡,以获得最后胜利。



This heartwarming display of togetherness is based on creative wordplay of the phrase: 好事年年. The word for year 年nian sounds like 连 lian which means to connect. The expression 好事年年 thus means continuous good fortune year after year. The characters 年 and 连 are also homonyms with the 莲 lian of 莲花 or lotus flower. Hence amidst the lush lotus flowers and lotus leaves, the display features young and old being together. This is most appropriate as Lunar New Year is a time for reunion with family as reflected in the phrase: 合家团圆, Photo Op Element: You are welcome to sit on the park bench with your family or loved ones to take a photo together and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

这温馨和睦的灯组,展示出“好事年年”的谐音,产生辞趣。 “年”、“连”和“莲”都是彼此的谐音。“连”即“连接”,意味好事接二连三、好运年复一年。“莲”即“莲花”,在繁茂的莲花和莲叶中,可见大人小孩同欢乐,带出了新年合家团圆的情景。 摄影体验: 欢迎您与家人朋友一同坐在公园长椅上合影留念,并标记我们@RiverHongbao,标签#RiverHongbao2019。

Samsui Women


Samsui women, also known as hong tou jin红头巾 or “red headscarf”, are pioneer female immigrants who made great contributions to the early development of Singapore. This set piece is to show our appreciation to them, so that we do not overlook or forget their hard work and selflessness (most Samsui women took vows not to marry). Their sacrifice deserves respect and their dedicated spirit should be passed on to future generations. This display also features a giant Chinese character for Home “家” which is made to look like it was constructed using red bricks, a building material commonly used by the Samsui women. Interactive and Photo Op Element: You are welcome to try on the Samsui woman’s costume and props, pose for photo-taking, and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

红头巾,是为早期新加坡发展做出了巨大贡献的女性移民先驱。这灯组代表我们对她们的感谢,也铭记她们的无私与贡献(大多立誓不结婚)。 她们的牺牲应当受到尊重,而她们的奉献精神更应该代代相承。 这灯组还展示了以红砖砌成的“家”,因为红砖是红头巾常用的建筑材料。 互动性摄影体验: 欢迎试试红头巾的制服和工具,拍照留念,并标记我们@RiverHongbao,标签#RiverHongbao2019。

Happiness of Springtime


This majestic display features a beautiful peacock with a spectacular and colourful tail that flows into a garden of flowers. In Chinese decorative art, the peacock symbolises beauty, dignity and optimism while the red-hued lanterns signify happiness, good fortune and a bright future. The blooming garden filled with flowers and butterflies represents the arrival of spring. The expression 春风得意 Chun Feng De Yi invokes the happiness of springtime and taking pride in one’s success. It reflects our confidence and joy as we welcome the Lunar New Year.

这壮观的灯组,是美丽的孔雀开屏,而缤纷多彩的尾屏与鲜花盛开的花园完美结合。 在华族装饰艺术中,孔雀象征美丽、尊严和乐观,而红灯笼则代表幸福、财富以及美好未来。充满鲜花和蝴蝶的花园,代表着春天的到来。 春风得意,表达出春天的快乐,人们事事如意、事业有成,也反映了我们对于新一年的信心与喜悦。

Charms of Fortune


This delightful display features Fortune Cats or 招财猫 which are lucky charms believed to attract good luck and fortune. In in the background is a big Chinese character for Spring “春” which denotes the arrival of the new year. The greeting 招财进宝喜洋洋 signifies the ushering in of wealth and prosperity while radiating with joy. In front and surrounded by gold ingots, treasure bags and little fortune kittens, the large Fortune Cat is waving her paw to bring wealth and good blessing all year round to visitors.

这灯组展示了一群招财猫,相信能够带来好运和财富。 灯组背景中“春”字,代表新年的到来。招财进宝喜洋洋,则象征喜迎财富和繁荣。 被小招财猫、金元宝和福袋围绕着的大型招财猫,正挥舞着手爪,为您带来一整年的财富和福祉。

Abundance and Prosperity


The traditional Chinese saying 年年有余 nian nian you yu is often associated with fish “鱼” yu because of its identical sound with “余” yu, which means surplus. Hence this is a popular and auspicious New Year greeting as it heralds abundance and prosperity year after year.

“年年有鱼”是“年年有余”的谐音, 这是个很受欢迎又吉祥的新年问候语,因为它代表着生活的富足,年年都有多余的财富!

Wishing Fountain


This wishing well design is based on the iconic Fountain of Wealth. The original structure is located at Suntec City and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest fountain in the world. You are invited to throw in some coins or banknotes and make some wishes for yourself, family and friends. To make the wishing more fun, have a go at striking the bells of blessings! All money collected will be donated to charity. *The phrase 功德多福 suggests that good fortune comes to those who do good.

这许愿池,是依据“财富之泉”而设计的。坐落于新加坡新达城的财富之泉,是全球最大的喷泉,登上了吉尼斯世界纪录大全。 财源广进,意味着从四面八方接获财富。 欢迎投入硬币或纸钞,并为自己和家人朋友许愿。您也可试试“手气”,用硬币试着击中幸福的铃铛,增添乐趣。 收集到的所有款项将全额捐赠给慈善机构。

Our Garden, Our Home

我们的家, 我们的花园城市

This centrepiece is the largest lantern set on The Float at 60m long and 10m tall. It is based on the theme: Our Garden, Our Home“我们的家, 我们的花园城市” In the centre is the ornate floral-patterned gate of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which was established in 1859. In 2015, it was inscribed as the first tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. On the left and right are scenes from before and after the founding of modern Singapore including:

• Sang Nila Utama who named the island Singapura, the “Lion City”

• Early trading settlement and the Dragon’s Tooth Gate landmark

• Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein signing the 1819 Treaty

• Early Immigrants working hard in the British Free Port

• Building Singapore’s reputation as a transportation hub with Jewel Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines

• Living in a progressive & modern Garden City

• Transforming into a Smart Nation

这是浮动舞台上最大型的灯组,长60米、高10米,主题为“我们的家,我们的花园城市”。 灯组的中央,是设立于1859年的新加坡植物园的花卉大门。而在2015年,新加坡植物园成功被列在联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产的名录中,是全球首个得到这份殊荣的热带园林。 灯组的左右两侧,是现代新加坡成立之前和之后的场景,其中包括:

• 桑尼拉乌他玛(Sang Nila Utama)将岛国新加坡命名为“狮城”

• 早期商贸活动聚集地和龙牙门

• 莱佛士和苏丹胡先签署1819年条约

• 早期移民在自由港努力工作

• 星耀樟宜和新加坡航空公司携手巩固新加坡作为交通枢纽的声誉

• 生活在一座进步、现代的花园城市

• 转型成为智慧国

God of Fortune


The God of Fortune is a perennial favourite at River Hongbao as he is the Chinese god of wealth who brings prosperity, luck and fortuitous windfalls. Standing at 18m tall, this year’s God of Fortune is full of energy as he holds his Ruyi ceremonial sceptre in his raised right hand. Ruyi or“如意”, which means “as you wish”, is a good fortune symbol that is believed to help remove obstacles and fulfil one’s wishes. In his left hand is a Chinese scroll with the ever-popular greeting: 恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the blessings of the God of Fortune shower upon you and your family for a prosperous year ahead!

财神爷,可为大家带来繁荣、好运、财富及横财,一向深受大家的喜爱。 高达18米的财神爷,手持如意节杖,象征权力与好运,相信能够排除万难、实现愿望。 财神爷将赐福于您与家人在新的一年里,繁荣富贵!